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Dark Vampire Poetry

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There is much Dark poetry in my world...
Here are a few of my favorites.


Crimson Night
Night falls and I awaken
Light of day I have forsaken,
My Vampire eyes seek far and wide
There is nowhere safe for you to hide
My prey calls to me upon each rising
Their blood I seek , so appetising...
moonlight bright, I grow stronger
Makes me  wish the night was longer.
Wicked wings through the sky
Watching as the world flys by..
Hunger claws me inside out
The need to feed makes my route..
Finding you here your blood so strong
Fangs sink deep where I belong
Sweet and hot my crimson high,
Your pulse is fading, you slowly die..
Stop me before the demon rises
Human life is what he despises
I try to take just what I need
But the demon trys to take the lead..
So cold and still in my arms,
Your fate is sealed in stone..
You rest in peace at heaven's gate,
But my Crimson Night's alone...


Dark Dreamer

My dreams of you take my breath
Dark Spectar,you, nocturnal born
your  nightly visits leave me weak
nothing left my heart is torn;
Do I give up the sun for you and my soul?
There is more than blood you  silently stole..
harvest me, brave one of the dark
your immortal kiss has left it's mark
taken me my mortal life
feed from me your eternal wife..
For you the sun no longer shines
and the timeless clock no longer chimes...
darkness awaits us the magic brings,
shrouded in shadows nocturnal things..
My vampire blood feels so right..
with you my love, The endless night...



Mother moon

Mother moon you are my guide
With father night by my side;
The rain and thunder, are my brother born
Winds and lightning, my sister storm...
My family close I hold them dear,
And with that strength I have no fear..
But  my immortal enemy is Sun the King,
for my death, will one touch bring..
So I wrap my soul in family mine
and never for my foe to find..
shrouded in darkness pleases me
I wing my way so fast so free
Whispers softly of  shadows untold,
listening closely as legends unfold;
I walk with pride in Darkest night ,
my beloved family feels so right...

All poetry created by C.Greenleaf(aka)Bloodraven...