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Best Vampire Movies

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~My most favorite vampire movies~

My favorite Vampire movie is,
Bram Stoker's Dracula...
This movie kept to the original story and gave it a great modern flair.*****


Anne Rice created a great movie based on her first book.
Interview with a vampire is wonderfully made.****


Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise make this movie a blockbuster that later receives a major cult following.



The Lost Boys is one of the first popular vampire movies that really made it big. My favorite character was keifer sutherland, a very evil vampire but done so well.




The Queen of the Damned is a mediocre film it's not as good as the first, by anne rice.

There are alot of cheesy vampire movies out but every now and then a great one is made, I keep my eyes open for those and will update this website as I find them.