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 I have walked this Earth for thousands of years..I am timeless..The dark that whispers up your spine at night..that is me..I have Gone by many names over many lifetimes..Cursed to walk the earth forever..or until The Sun finally Claims me...
 I am Vampyre in its truest form I live from the energy of others I nourish my self with thier blood..I take only what is needed...mostly. I descend from a place long gone in history never to be remembered or thought of. Its ruins lie under desert sands and bury all that remain of my clan. I walk alone in life as it should be..My Existence in solitude isn't so bad, like you it is filled with whatever pleasure, pain, or love I choose to create. Yes..Vampires can fact we love far more intensely than humans..We have extreme gifts that come with a price..Some say imortality is a gift...but watching all that you care about die is torturous.
If you must have a name for me then most call me Nyte..for that is truly what i am The Night..the very darkness around you...and you will never see me unless I will it..As A last request.. Perhaps.