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Bloodraven's books

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~Bloodraven's Books~

There are a great many fantastic books on vampires,some are fiction and some are nonfiction.
My personal favorites are as follows:
Christine Feehan
The Dark series by Christine Feehan is brilliantly written with characters so realistic amd spellbinding that you become a part of the story. By the end of her first book you will be hopelessly addicted to her style of writing and deeply involved in the beautiful world she painstakenly creates.

Check out Christine Feehan's website


Laurell k. Hamilton
The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels
These are my newest Favorite..a girl who knows how to kick ass and still have fun along the way..Read these and you'll never  be satisfied with the more generic vampire novels out there.

Check out her Website and forever be changed..

Anne Rice

The Vampire Chronicles are probably the best known books in this genre. Uniquely written, they are seductive with amazingly creative characters that make you understand more about what it must be like to be vampyre. The lead in most of her books is the famous Lestat, who's dark lifestyle is sensational and captivating. Making us all wish for his Dark kiss...
There have been 2 movies made from the Vampire Chronicles, Interview with a Vampire and The Queen of the Damned. Both did well but Interview has the biggest cult following. Unfortunatly for us anne has written her final book in this series, The Blood Canticle.

check out Anne Rice's web site


These are my favorite two authors but I have many more...I have set up links for you to follow to their websites.