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Species of Vampires

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There are three different kinds of vampires.
The Immortal blood drinking vampire  is the one we are all most familiar with. This is the vampyre of legend and myth. The fascination of this vampire has spawned  endless movies and books. Human nature loves to create the romantic storys of the sexy brooding vampire who sweeps the woman off of her feet and gives her the dark kiss which makes her immortal forever so that they live happily ever after. Then there is the horror aspect of it with stakes and garlic and holy water as in bram stoker's dracula. But let us look closer at this shall we? why are we so fascinated and where did the idea of vampire come from? There is always a grain of truth to every legend or myth. I beleive that this is true of the vampire as well. There are things in this world we can't ever hope to comprehend or understand. Things that go unseen or unmentioned for we can't explain them. If you beleive in God and His angels then so to must you beleive in Satan and hid demons. I think  there are many things that travel in dark places that aren't allowed in the beautiful light of God's sun. Banished forever by Him to dwell in the dark for all eternity.

The mortal blood drinker
There are those who are obsessed with the idea of vampire so much that they beleive themselves to be a vampire. They dress all in black and drink blood from any willing particapant. Stay up all night and focus on the traits they think will make them more vampire like. Who knows maybe they have some reason or explanation that is valid for this behavior. I do not judge them only explain my opinion or what i know of them. Some have said that they beleive it is a herediary trait and that could be true as many things are not what they seem in this mysterious world of ours.

The psychic vampire
Have you ever been around  a person and feel exhausted and drained from just talking to them? This is the focus of a psychic vampire. These types of people can drain the life right out of you just by being around you. It's all about the energy of a person. Usually they are very energetic, high-strung people who may or may not realize what they are doing. They have stronger phschic ability not to tell the fuuture maybe but to get their "high" from being around people. Do you ever feel exhausted when around large crowds for any amount of time? Chances are you've been drained of your aura energy. These types are more common and everyone knows at least someone who fits this description.


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